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In a suburb outside of Cincinnati, Ohio the rising of an unlikely group of Pop rockers we’re born around the metal and hardcore music scenes. “None of the other bands in town were writing pop/rock songs, everybody and I mean everybody was pretty hardcore or metal” says Alex Wheatley (Backing Vocals/Guitar). Through it all, The Flight Station, has managed to gain some popularity and has been featured as the Artist of the week on 97.3 FM’s The Sound, as well as, being featured in Alternative Press Magazine as one of the best unsigned bands in America.. “Theses guys are the future. You know it not only by listening to their music, but in talking to them as well. They are so positive. Their incredible sense of pop rock sticks to your eardrums and doesn’t let go until you feel as though you may wear their songs out. These guys are destined for big, big things that will be coming at them very soon.” Says Kevin Michael of 97.3’s the sound FM.

On their latest EP, The Flight Station has taken their melodic guitar sounds and heartfelt lyrics and blended it with the production work of Jim Wirt (Jack’s Mannequin, Hoobastank, the Rocket Summer, Incubus, Fiona Apple, etc.) to create their latest EP “Prepare for Impact”. The Album has songs about dating, partying and falling in love with songs like “The Last Time”, “Perfect Moment” and the party song “California”, which was featured on MTV’s The Real World Hollywood. “Prepare for Impact”, is an album that will seep into your consciousness and will last forever.


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